print 'The Alphabet Fades Away'

s='No more letter {}'
for c in alphabet:
 print s.format(c)
 s=s.replace(c, '').replace(c.upper(), '')


meta neocities

(drifting through the neocities neighborhoods, a digital flaneur)

jay z i love his low tech aesthetic, projects involving raspberry pi&kindle that are somehow both digital and part of the humane world scientology, freezoners unlike anon, are about stealing the esoteric sci tech and using it in personal life outside of the org, modern day shamans (r.i.p pilot) i knewstalked this girl on livejournal once, she posted oversized scans of things with dada cutup overlays her writing was all chaos with references to bey,situs&foucalt she had a website that was interactive fiction, siona kind of reminds me of her

i'm rewatching x-files with my girlfriend these days the show has such a distinct 90s taste. deus ex, cyberpunk, aliens, who could anticipate the dystopian future we're living in? (oh yeah, gameboy reviews has been around since the single-page neocities browse days so everytime i run into that website it's like "hi")
this is test